Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let There Be Light!!

This post is just to show that I'm not the only one who does work around here. This was Matt's Sunday afternoon activity two weekends ago. This post is a little late in the game...

Like our ugly backyard lights that don't work?

We didn't like them either, so Matt went to work.

He loves getting his picture taken!

We got the new lights on clearance for $29 for both of them. Score!

Everyone was getting in on the new light action.

It works!

They aren't the most decorative lights, but they look so much nicer than the old ones. And they have motion sensors! Yey!

In other news, this is what Avalyn learned how to do that weekend:

My little daredevil, she climbs everything.

Matt was supposed to be watching her while I was making dinner Sunday night. Well, he walked away for all of thirty seconds to turn on a fan, next thing I know he's screaming at me that Avalyn was at the top of his six foot ladder. Yeah. Apparently it was my fault. I had to remind him that; A. He was on baby duty, B. He didn't tell me I needed to wash the raw chicken off my hands and watch her for a second, C. He didn't put up a baby gate, and D. He left a six foot ladder up in the house. What the heck? He apologized a few minutes later. I had warned him when we were in Home Depot Sunday morning that she's a climber and we needed to stay away from ladders. I guess he didn't fully understand that our daughter is destined to climb Mount Everest.

At least she's happy.

And, no. I don't plan on putting Matt on baby duty again any time soon! ;)

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