Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recent Happenings

I've been working hard on my frame wall and so far I have ten frames on the wall leading up the stairs, and I'm pretty happy with it! Avalyn loves staring at pictures of her brother and Daddy - and of course of the "bay-bay!" I even framed the thermostat, ha!

I bought a bunch of amazing frames at a garage sale, but there is one frame I can't bring myself to paint. It's a light green colored wood and the texture is so unique and the frame is so wide, I love it! The problem is the rest of my frames are either a nickel colored metal or black. My idea is to paint the frame so it's similar to the rest, but leave in a pop of green. I wonder if that would be too weird.

We still haven't decided on a color for the living room yet. Who would have thought it would be so difficult?? Not me, that's for sure. We did decide to paint the trim white. I'm sorry Mom! I know it's a sin to paint wood, but our trim is so ugly! We do plan to stain the wood ledge on the half walls, and the mantle. Do we get brownie points for that? I hope so! This is a project I probably won't start until next year, we'll see. Mom will be coming up to visit for a week - maybe I will use her to help stain the kitchen cabinets... put her to work! ;) Just kidding. Maybe.

I haven't updated Avalyn's recent milestones so I'll do that, too!

New words:

33. Doggy (dooooooo-gie)
34. Pretty (pitty)
35. Pet (peh)
36. Tree (tee)
37. Boat
38. Cheese (this is her word for food)
39. No-No
40. Matt (I yelled for Matt and she yelled it too!)
41. Kick

August 20 - Visited with Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Jim and Aunt Jan
August 27 - Visited with Grandpa and Grandma
August 29 - Starts to give kisses to everything and everyone
September 3 - Avalyn's first ride on the tube
September 6 - Pushed a tote to the gate and climbed over it
September 7 - Visited Keith's new school
September 9-11 - Went to GR to visit family and Jake's birthday party!
September 12 - Starts sorting shapes very well with very little help

I am happy to report: I finally got a decent haircut! :D It's even Avalyn approved, she was petting it yesterday saying, "Pitty... pet..." I couldn't ask for a better compliment!

My haircut!

At Keith's school open house!

15 Months Old!

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