Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Projects!

This weekend we all came down with colds. Which really means, Keith came home from school/his mothers house and coughed all over everyone until we were as miserable as he is. Thanks dude. So, we were stuck at home, not wanting to infect the masses with our disease. Self quarantined. Can you dig it? Clearly I'm still delirious.

Anyway, I spend my time on two different projects:
- Letters for Avalyn's door
- A chore jar for Keith

The first one was kind of a whim thing. I wanted to make something cute for Avalyn, but those foam letters run about $2 a piece and I'm cheap so $12 plus tax for letters did not win me over. So I bought a 12x16 foam craft thing-a-ma-bob from Michaels, on sale for $0.59, and a sheet of scrap book cardstock on sale for $0.30. I figured I could do something with that stuff, but wasn't sure how to really go about it.

Now that I was quarantined at home, I could actually break out the supplies and give making Avalyn's letters a go.

I started by drawing letters backwards on the back of the cardstock. I didn't use stencils or anything, mostly because I didn't have anything like that. I'm not very fancy.

Next I cut the letters out.

Then I drew letters on the foam about a quarter inch wider than the cardstock letters.

I cut out the foam letters next.

Next I glued the letters together.

Added some random ribbon I had laying out. Seriously, I am a ribbonoholic, I have lots of ribbon!

Then I took the letters and pinned them to Avalyn's door with push pins. I thought the letters would be cuter if I didn't put them in a straight line or arch. I like them looking a little haphazard!

Yeah, they look like they belong.

What do you think? I think project #1 is a success! More on project #2 later.

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