Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We had so much fun this weekend! The kids and I went to the cottage almost every day, since my mom and dad were up. Evan and Lorianne came up on Saturday, too, so that was fun. Unfortunately, it was chilly (think less than 70 degrees), so we couldn't play in the water as long, or as much as we hoped to.

Avalyn had fun in the Harry Potter cupboard

Evan and Lorianne discovered a new way to power a paddle boat

Evan and Lorianne relived their childhood and played with blocks with the kids. ;)

Evan knocked Lorianne off the tube. He's mean like that.

Avalyn went on her first tube ride!

And then had to get in the boat because she was squirmy. But, she doesn't like being away from mommy. :'(

Playing with Grandpa

Where's Avalyn?


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