Sunday, September 25, 2011

Om nom nom

Two things today: Sippy cup/bottle drama (or lack there of), and a Kitchen dilemma.

Avalyn's doctor told me Monday that she needed to stop using a bottle. Yeah, she just started taking the bottle at 11 months and hardly uses it, but I get it. 15 months old and using a bottle = bad. I was really dreading the inevitable sippy cup war. Then something wonderful happened.

Enter the Burger King cup...
Oh yes, she drank from a straw! Totally weird baby moment, came up and stole my root beer. It was not what she was expecting...
Enter the straw sippy cup. Yes, Avalyn hijacked my dresser drawer, even climbed in there herself.
 She loves the straw sippy cup. The bottles are in hiding and she does not seem to miss them. She did not like any of the spout sippy cups (the reason for my dread), but the straw is a winner. *Insert happy dance here!*

 Now onto my kitchen dilemma. The reason this is in the same post as a sippy cup? Because I'm walking into the kitchen more than ever to fill said cup... and I am not thrilled. Don't get me wrong, I love my kitchen! It's so big and functional! And the peninsula is this girls dream come true. Picture me plugging in my laptop and finding recipes while in the kitchen. Also picture being able to have more than four places to sit. Yeah, I need more chairs...

Anyway... What do I do with it? Pink counters, white walls, ugly honey oak cabinets, and very little money to spend on it. I want to do gray walls, but after that I've got nothin'.

Maybe some baskets or knick-knacks displayed above the cabinets? A door for the pantry is a must. No one wants to see how we store our food.

Hello boring dining room. You are boring. Stop it. You're making me boring by association.
I have plans for that glass light shade. As in craigslist. In it's place a shade that is not breakable, ugly glass, but something a little more modern. My parents are also bringing up a hutch for the blank wall. But seriously what the heck am I going to do in here? I was born in the '80s but I don't want to live in that decade permanently.

Ah, well. At least the sippy cup situation has been solved. I have many years to figure out how to tackle the kitchen! :)

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