Monday, August 29, 2011

Finished for Now...

Okay, so a few hours ago I turned in my last school assignment ever! Woot! I just hope I'm not celebrating early, meaning - I hope I pass my classes!

In other news Keith, Avalyn, and I went to the cottage to visit mom and dad this weekend. The kids had a blast, Keith even went tubing for the first time. :D Today Matt woke up early and surprised Keith by taking him to his first "father/son" baseball game. He watched the Beach Bums kick the Thunderbolts butts! He even brought a stuffed baseball home to Avalyn - how sweet was that? While Keith was out I put the finishing (for now) touches on his room. His planet mobile is up under his light, and the planets are on the wall. He was happy to see it done.



I'm going to stop at Lowes or Home Depot to get some purple paint for the front door. Just imagine this:

Yes, now that I'm done with school I will be having much more fun! ;)

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