Monday, August 8, 2011

Avalyn's Room!

Okay, I posted pictures of Keith's room in progress, so I'll post some of Avalyn's room, too.

To start we had blue walls with clouds with glow in the dark stars in the clouds, and pink carpet. Originally I wanted to bring back her pink and green walls (like before) but I don't know how well the pink lemonade color would go with the cranberry (ugh) floor. So I'm keeping the wall as is for now.

Also, in Avalyn's room is her crib - the crib she won't sleep in unless one side is off and it's pushed against my bed like co-sleeper crib. So right now it's just taking up space since she doesn't use it. Also note, she climbed out of it in June so there's another reason why it's not in use. Yikes!

It did come in handy this past week when Penny and the boys came up - even though poor Andy got stuck in the bars a couple times. Poor guy!

Wow, that was a fun tangent! Back to business... When I decided to keep the colors as they are I also decided that I'd have to find curtains and bed linens to bring everything together. Enter back to school sales. I snatched up this set at Walmart for $34. Yey! I also found matching curtains. Woot!

Now all I need to do is switch Avalyn and Keith's light fixtures. Seriously, that still hasn't happened yet!



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