Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We had some visitors this morning! They come and go as they please (we see them almost every day, but I'm never fast enough with my camera).

Meet our buddies!

The other guy is behind the flower garden. You can see his antlers up there!

He spotted me!

The other antlers are clearer here...

Avalyn was screaming, "Cows! Cooowww!" The entire time.

They didn't really care at first, but they ended up walking away from it all.

Bye bye deer!

And here are our afternoon visitors: The turkeys!

And our all day visitor: Mrs. Hummingbird... Usually it's Mr. Hummingbird who stops by, but today we got a surprise!

And this evenings visitor: Mr. Frog!

It's been a wild day. Ha! ;)

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