Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Milestone Update

Who doesn't love these updates?

New words:

24. Night Night
25. Grandma (gama) I haven't heard her say it, but mom says she said it so I believe her!
26. Door
27. Out
28. Bottle
29. Cat
30. Block
31. Belly
32. Button

To be fair - block, bottle and ball all sound a lot alike, but she will sign ball when she says it, she will also point or hand me the things she's talking about. So, I'm counting them. :) And sometimes when she points to her (or my) belly button she will say belly and sometimes she says button. I'm sure she'll put it together soon!

July 23 - Went to the cottage with Keith and floated around a bit
July 26 - Teething so I had to unpack her swing!
July 27 - Ate with a spork
July 28 - Went out to dinner with Nana and Papa
July 30 - Can point to her belly button and nose when asked!
August 1 - Aunt Penny, Jake and Andy visited for a week
August 6 - Grandpa and Grandma babysat and Avalyn had corn on the cob for the first time
August 7 - Went to Nana and Papa's for dinner
August 11 - 14 Month Old!! - Stacked five blocks (lengthwise) by herself! She also started stacking Keith's fruit barrels when I was cleaning out the fridge. Haha!
August 13 - Grandpa and Grandma visited and brought Keith home!

Eating corn on the cob for the first time!

14 Months Old!

"Where's Avalyn's nose?" Haha!

"Where's Avalyn's bellybutton?"

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