Monday, August 15, 2011

Room Change Up!

All right, so I was not happy with Keith's room arrangement so this weekend I changed it up! Here's what it looks like now!

I don't like blocking the window even a little bit (bad chi you know) but I have no choice, at least this is less blocked than before!

Desk/homework area - school season is upon us!

Dresser/basket of sports stuff

The bookshelf in the closet - so Avalyn doesn't sneak in and rip apart his books!

In this picture you can see where Keith's bookshelf was before - and why it was moved. ;)

This is the base of Keith's "new" lamp. It belonged to Matt as a kid so it needs a good cleaning and a new shade, but otherwise it's great!

Clearly the walls aren't finished, thankfully the painting part is done though! I have stick on planets that we need to put up, so that will make it better. Also, above his dresser I plan on putting up a photo collage of sorts. Keith loves pictures, so we're going to go to a few garage sales and look for frames to spray paint red (like his curtains) and put his beloved pictures in them.

I plan on doing something similar in Avalyn's room above her bed (where there is a giant blank wall). Though I might paint the frames multiple colors like her bedset. Hmm... we'll see.

This weekend I also moved the crib out of Avalyn's room and back into our room. Avalyn will sleep on her own for about five hours before she wakes up wanting milk. She actually asks for it now, it's so adorable! However, she would get out of her bed at night and lately would bump her head on the crib - so it's out of there! I would also bring her into our room for the remainder of the night where she sleeps with me. Matt and I have a queen size bed so it's not exactly ideal for co-sleeping and I admit, I missed having the crib there to roll her into at night so I could stretch out. So it's back! Yey!

Anyway, this meant that Avalyn's room needed a little re-arranging to fill the crib void.

Avalyn's room, view from the door.

View from the bed.

Her cow planters on the window. :D

View from the closet. Look I finally switched the kids' light fixtures! When we bought the place, that pink chandelier was in Keith's room - he thought Avalyn might like it more. She does, she likes to look at it and say, "oooooo!" Also, notice the blank wall? It screams "fill me with something!!" So I'll fill it with pictures, and I'm also going to build shadow boxes to put some of her collectibles in. Like the Precious Moments figurines from Papa.

The kids rooms are close to being finished, but I really need to get started on the rest of the house. I want to tackle our room first though. I can't look at the vine stenciled boarder anymore, it's just not my taste... neither is the emerald green carpet but that's going to have to wait. Next time Matt is out of town, Danielle said she would come up and help me paint. I want to go with a harbor blue again. It looks so nice against my bed! I'm also going to see if I can spray paint the ceiling fan an iron-y color to match my headboard/footboard/mirror. Ceiling fans are expensive, so hopefully that's an option!

Here's our room now. Isn't is lovely? Avalyn loves the cows there, they make her happy. When she transitions into her room full time, they will, too!

The crib in sidecar mode. That's still the same crib as we've been using (mine from when I was a baby) I just took one side off and strapped it to the bed with leather belts. I used her crib bumpers in between her mattress and rail, and two foam wedges between our mattress and hers. She's very, very safe!

My sleeping angel.

Eventually the house will be done and my blog posts will no longer be about that, but for now I'm a new homeowner enjoying every second of being able to do whatever I want! :D Ah, freedom! It smells like paint and sawdust. Can you dig it?

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