Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garage Sale Deals!!

So, today Danielle and I went to a few BIG garage sales today. Ended up putting like 70 miles on my car but it was totally worth it. I wish I had taken pictures - I took my camera but left it in the car every time. Bummer.

The first house we went to was an old gray farmhouse that the owner restored. It had the most beautiful wrap around porch I have ever seen! I bought a bunch of frames from her and two little curtain rod knobs for Avalyn's room. Grand total? $7. Oh, and the lady threw in a little toy that Avalyn snatched from a box. She was such a nice lady, and she put so much work into her house! I wish I was that creative. It even had a little guest house!

Next place we went wasn't so great, it was on a busy road and people were driving like maniacs since the Old Engine Show was in town. I thought it was a few weekends ago, but since I don't live in Buckley anymore I'm not keeping up with it! :p There was a pair of really nice end tables there but the guy wanted $50 for them. Sounds like a bad deal, so Danielle passed them up.

The next one we found said "Huge Barn Sale!" and Danielle and I joked that it better have more than one level and if it wasn't huge we were going to cause a ruckus. ;) We pulled into the looooong driveway and behold: Huge Barn Sale! It was phenomenal! I would have bought the barn if I could have! There were two end tables - six bucks each, an antique table for $50 (I think), a bunch of vases and knick-knacks for 25 cents, a beautiful hutch that was waaaay out of my price range, some old glass bottles (circa 1850) and a bunch of antique kitchen items. Danielle bought a few of the wooden antiques for her wall, and I bought a futon bed frame:

It was listed for $20 which I would have totally paid, but I asked the guy what he wanted for it and he said he'd let it go for $10. I said, "SOLD." Yes, in all caps.

That's when I called Matt and asked him if he and Joe could come with the SUV. He asked why and I told him because I bought a futon! Haha poor guy. I told him what I paid for it and when he saw it he was happy. I asked about the $6 end tables but he thought they were too retro. Ah, well, can't win 'em all!

In the end it was an awesome day! Tomorrow morning Danielle and I are heading to Lowes and Micheal's for paint swatches and stencils. We are such dorks about stencils. We both acted like junior high girls when we saw these:

One more week of school and then I get to start on the house. AND spend more time with my kids. It's going to be the best ever! I'm so excited!

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