Friday, May 4, 2012

Late, As Usual

Okay, I promised to post, but I lied. We've had a lot going on this week. Avalyn had a rash that went from nothing to insane in about a day, so I had to take care of that... Matt had work meetings so I was a single parent for a couple days, and today I had an appointment with my OB. I'm just now relaxing. You know five minutes before bed. Tomorrow starts more crazy because this weekend is SWWACHL, and Matt is going to move or fix the Jeep, and I will be calling to make my maternity prepared stay appointment, as well as pack my hospital bag (and Matt's and Nicolas's, and overnight bags for Keith and Avalyn), and we're going to work on our garden a bit. Well... Matt's going to do the last part because while his thumb is green, mine is black. The only plant that has survived me is my bamboo. He's a hearty fellow!

Okay, first up, our garden. It was full of leaves last year, but this year it will be full of fruits and veggies! The previous owners of our home had some very nice landscaping going on by the garden, but after that crazy blizzard in March, Matt and I are rethinking the amount of pine trees we have near structures.

Notice how many trees we have? Oh, and like the look Matt's giving me? He loves having his picture taken!

Here are a few trees that need to go. The rocks make a path around them... you'll see.

Here's a "during" shot of Matt raking the garden.

There are the pathways. The tree that's a "V" shape is dead and needs to go. The tree on the far left has to go. It's right next to the potting shed and could threaten the structure (unfortunately). I really hate removing trees. I love trees, but sometimes they have to go. :(

Like this beautiful birch tree. Isn't he pretty? We didn't think there was a reason to take him down. He's a pretty hardwood, not close to the house, or the garden, or the shed. Can you sense there's a butt?

But the storm made him lean. Big time! Depending on the way he tips he could destroy the jungle gym, the garden or even the shed.

We can't let anything happen to this baby. This is why Keith said we could buy the house!

Here's a better view of the paths. Fun right? And Keith doesn't have to mow through here because it's all moss. The three trees in the back left corner have to go, too. One is dead and the other two have to move so the hardwoods can have some room.

Ta da! The garden. Need some soil and probably some pinwheels (to keep the birds and deer away) but this is progress!

Okay, onto the kitchen. My once naked kitchen now has some cover. This isn't for everyone, I can safely say that, but I really like it. It makes it look so much less bare and so much more lived in! I like lived in.

This is before (I know, it's messy).
After! All those serving dishes we never used from Matt's grandma are now serving as decoration! They look so much better on top of my cabinets than they did in the cabinets. Don't you think so, too?

All right, onto the reason why I didn't post this sooner. Avalyn has had a rash for about three weeks now. It started out as a few bumps on her tummy and chest (skin colored I couldn't see them just feel them), then a week later the bumps were on her leg, a week after that they were on her arm ( it was a weekend that those appeared)... So, I decided that it was time to call a doctor. Aveno Baby Eczema Therapy wasn't working and I was getting worried. Well, the next day it was a full blown breakout, but only on one side of her body.

See? Very red. I sent this picture to Val and she and I agreed that it did look like eczema. But the whole being on one side of her body and not knowing what was causing it was freaking me out.

It didn't seem to bother her, but I made an appointment and brought her in first thing on Monday. The doctor was as baffled by the rash as I was. He was surprised she didn't itch and it wasn't bothering her, and he was doubly surprised that it was only on one side of her body. He prescribed a mild steroid cream and told me to give her Benadryl. I have been doing that since Monday, and here's what she looks like as of Thursday night.

Much better right?

The rash is almost completely gone, but I'm still worried about what caused it. I haven't changed detergents, haven't given her any weird food... could it be because it's spring? But why was it only on one side of her body? I hate not knowing.

 Okay: reason number two of why this is late. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and it was time for another ultrasound. Keith was born with water on the brain and we requested a late ultrasound because we were worried Nicolas might have the same problem (we were the same way with Avalyn). Better safe than sorry, right? Well good news: No water on the brain, and everything looks great! Nicolas is measuring ahead by a week or so but he has a normal size head and everything. The tech said he has a big tummy, chubby cheeks, and a good sized melon. 61st percentile. Not too big, thank goodness! Right now he's weighing in at 5lbs 4oz. Big boy!

Looks like Daddy's nose and mouth, and mommy's cheeks.

So, I'm done with my excuses and I'm just going to be happy that everything is normal with my pregnancy. I'm hurting quite a bit (darn ligaments and pelvis - ouch!), but it's worth it to know he's thriving in there. We had some storms here today as well, and boy was it humid. Avalyn's hair says it all...

Look at those curls!

Anyone else having severe weather? I hope not. Stay safe, friends!

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