Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was pretty nice this year. Usually I spend six hours in the car because we have to pick Keith up, but this year we were about fifteen minutes from home when Avalyn got sick. I had to turn the car around and get Avalyn home and cleaned up (as well as the car seat and her clothes), and Matt went on his own to pick up the boy.

He also picked up something else.

A new computer! Needless to say I was shocked. It's made for graphics and has a quad core so hopefully it will be able to keep up with me and photoshop! Yes, of course there are already finger prints on it. *Sigh*

I also got yoga pants (because I'm too big for the waistband of my other pants), and a nice little card. :)

I also packed Nicolas's hospital bag. There's some burp clothes, a receiving blanket that my mom made, a couple different outfits (who knows how big he'll be), a music box (mostly hiding it from Avalyn in there), a binky (also hiding from Avalyn), and his baby book.

Pretty sure this won't close.

It won't stay this neat.

Also, on Mother's Day, before we got in the car for that fateful, smelly, trip, I took pictures of the work Matt did outside. Finally right?

One tree gone. The tree in the upper right is next (it's dead).

Five more tree's gone. Seriously, I'm not thrilled with cutting down trees, but it had to be done.

Avalyn about thirty minutes before the vomit car incident. She loves Daddy's garden.

Matt removing another tree.

So, it was a good day (puking aside), and we got a lot done (I super-cleaned more of the house... definitely nesting!). Also, over the weekend my baby girl hit another milestone. She's 23 months old now! She'll be a full fledged two year old in less than a month. And soon after that (or before, who really knows?) she's going to be a big sister.

I got her floppy hat at Once Upon A Child for two dollars, and added the ribbon today to keep it on her head. And it keeps those pesky mosquitoes away (sort of - one got her on her right eyelid and it looks like she got in a fight. Poor girl!).

Anyone else have a nice Mother's Day? Or alter an article of clothing? Are mosquitoes this insane everywhere or is it just here? It's insane. Like walking into a big black cloud of biting and nastiness every time I go outside!

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