Saturday, May 26, 2012

Living Room Change Up!

With Nicolas on the way (four(ish) weeks to go!) I thought it might be a good idea to have some more space in the living room for baby things. I have not forgotten how much space baby stuff takes up! Big swing, big activity center, tummy time mats, and bouncers to name a few. It also gives Avalyn more room to roam, and I can see the entire main floor this way.

The before picture (remember how Avalyn pulled her drawers down for the occasion?).

Current (Avalyn once again crashed the picture - twice! This is the better picture, since she removed her pants in the other one... my daughter, ladies and gentlemen!)

Current - alternate view.

I like that it's open and we have room, but what I'm not thrilled with is lack of seating and the layout. So, I've already got our next tax return spent!
The couch is from Art Van: $1450
The rug is from $134
The table is from Art Van: $80
The pillows are from Target, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond: $50, $31, and $20 - Mostly using them for color, I plan on making my own.
The lamp is from Target: $55 - Just a placeholder, I plan on looking at thrift stores and garage sales
The chair I already own, just plan on reupholstering it in purple.
Curtains: Already owned
The gray is what the wall color will be, purple, turquoise, and lime will be the accent colors.
I also plan on building shelving units next to the fireplace. I will be busy next spring!

What do you think? I really like it! I know Matt enjoys using tax returns to make our house and arsenal, but I think next year is my turn to spend a little money. :)

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