Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mushroom Festival

This weekend we went to the Mushroom Festival in Mesick. It's something we've done every year since moving up here. Keith has always loved it and Avalyn seems to be a big fan, too. This year we met some friends there (they just moved here from California - talk about a huge climate change!), and they brought their adorable kiddos with them. No surprise, it was a hit for them, too.

We have never taken part in the parades, horse/tractor pulls, carriage rides, contests, or tournaments, but the kids do like the carnival rides and the flea market. As do we! Every year there's a breeder at the fair who is selling Dachund puppies (at $400 a pup - wow!), and they are so cute! I'm not one to buy from a breeder though, I have an affinity for shelter dogs. So, as we do every year, we passed on the puppies. This year the man asked if he lowered the price if we would be interested... thankfully I have a built in excuse this year. Insert the belly rub and, "Can't this time, we've already got a baby on the way." Boy, does that come in handy. Nope, no beer for me, *belly rub*, "I'd like to pass on the fetal alcohol syndrome." Thanks Nicolas, you are making it very easy to turn things down! And turn things down in a way that can't be considered rude. Breastfeeding helped with the not drinking and passing on things as well. Apparently you can't be over 21 and dislike alcohol... Who would have thought peer pressure would continue past high school. No one tells you it's harder to say no to family than it is to say no to friends or strangers. But I digress...

This year Avalyn got to go on her first fair ride and played her first carnival game. I'm so proud of my fearless baby girl! I can't wait (well I can) until I can take her to Cedar Point and we can go on roller coasters together!

Keith was impressed by the bees. I kept my distance.

How cool are these belt buckles?

It was a warm and sunny day. Absolutely perfect!

Who doesn't love Elephant Ears? Mmmm!

Avalyn loved the ducky game. Of course she wanted to keep all of them.

Keith won an inflatable sword.

Heading towards the rides!

Avalyn loved the whale ride, and Keith was man enough to sit in the pink whale Avalyn chose. He didn't put up a fight at all... even though he hates pink. That's a good big brother.

All aboard the train!

Keith clearly enjoyed the bumper cars, whiplash and all.

Avalyn loved the ponies! 

Keith wanted to go back to the bumper cars.

Keith and Treston having a sword fight.

Can you believe Treston is only three? He's so tall! But then, Keith is short for being almost ten.

Trent and Teegan (I really don't know if I spelled his name right).

Danielle is one happy mama, you can tell. :)

I'm proud to say I made sure Avalyn had a lot of sunscreen on, but I'm not so proud to admit that I forgot to reapply mine. My arms, face, and chest look like a tomato. And it hurts like crazy!

Call me tomato arms.

Did everyone else have a good weekend? Anyone go to any fairs or get awful sunburn?

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