Tuesday, January 3, 2012

After While Crocodile!

Well, as I said yesterday, Penny and her clan have left the building. I am sad to see them go, but I'm sure neither of us will miss the kids (cough - Avalyn and Andy - cough) fighting. It wasn't all fighting though, there was the rare instance of the kids playing together nicely and sharing. Gasp!

Poor Jake probably had enough of the toddlers though. He's five and very sensitive. Avalyn (or maybe it was Andy... or both) broke his geo-trax track and he had a giant meltdown in his mom's lap. It was so cute/heartbreaking. Poor kid. It's rough when babies break things. Once Keith came home (and got over his usual attitude problem that accompanies his arrival), Jake had someone else to play with and he had a better time.

The week started out with a lightsaber duel.

Some Blue stealing.

Then we exchanged Christmas presents. Jake loved his pteranodon. I knew he would because Penny said so!

Avalyn was very excited about her purple kitty.

Avalyn and Andy even managed to sit together quietly to look at a book.

Andy in the outfit I made him. It fits! :)

Nothing was more fun than the ball pit. It was the only place Andy and Avalyn got along.

They had a good time being cowboys!

Clearly Andy is tired of the camera. Sorry kid!

Jake is also wondering why I'm taking so many pictures. He really did ask that!

Poor Jake got a time out and Avalyn decided to add insult to injury and yell, "No! Bad!" At him. He thought she was being mean so he went to his mom for comfort.

I told her to stop yelling at Jake, so she set her sights on Andy.

"Look! We both have belly buttons!"

It just isn't New Years Eve without it!

Look who made up before it was time to go.

I joked with Penny that this is Andy's, "Don't worry, baby, I'll be back," expression.

Here's a video of some ball pit fun. And no, Avalyn is not hitting Andy in the beginning, she's trying to tame his static-y hair!

Hope everyone had an amazing New Year!

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