Friday, January 20, 2012

Pickles, Ice Cream and a Little Bit of Organizing

Pickles and ice cream are Avalyn's new favorite food. Not at the same time. I managed to get photos of her chowing down on a pickle, but not so much of her devouring ice cream.

This is what happens when kids stay with their Grandparents for an extended amount of time! At least she has mastered using a spoon! When she wants a pickle she screams, "pickle!" When she wants ice cream she says, "Ice cream! Please, please, please, please..." You get where I'm going with this!

"Oh, no!" She spilled pickle juice all over herself.


I also organized the living room a bit. Avalyn's toy basket was getting overloaded. It doesn't help that she relocated a bunch of toys from her room and the playroom. Silly girl.

This is the best "before" picture of the space. Note the overflowing basket and Avalyn's ability to scale the gate. It was time for a change.

And now. We still have to anchor the TV and bookshelf but it looks so much better!

Here it is with her baby stuff.

And here is her toy basket's new location. Yes, that is a swatch of Keith's carpet behind the chair. I was holding it up to see how it would go with the shades and fireplace if the wall was a gray color. Of course before we paint the wall we have to paint the trim and get new flooring. Then I get to reupholster the chair. Next year... next year...

Anyone else reorganizing? I'm sure this is futile... a toddler and organization just do not mix!

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