Friday, January 6, 2012

Sick baby!

So, the night Penny left (Monday) Avalyn's fever spiked. She had been around 99 degrees the day before and most of Monday, acetomenophin seemed to be doing the trick and her little cheeks were red so I assumed she had teeth coming in. I felt around and sure enough there were some teeth poking through back there. Well, I was just about to put her down for the night (about 9:30) and she threw up all over me. Yey! Yeah, not so much.

So, I cleaned up our mess and put her in the tub. At about 11:30 I tried getting her down again and once again the puke reared it's ugly, smelly, nasty head. Once again clean up time. She fell asleep a little after midnight and woke up around 4:30 begging for milk. I let her have a couple ounces (because apparently my sleep deprived, pregnant brain said, "Yeah, that's totally a good idea, G!"), and wouldn't you know it, she threw up again at 5:00 am.

We were back to sleep by about 6:00am and I woke Keith at 7:30 (schools were closed so I had him get ready for the day as usual and asked him to have his winter gear (not school gear) on by 8:00am. Well, I went back upstairs at 7:50am because Avalyn was crying, and didn't get downstairs again until 8:08am. When I got down there the front door was wide open. Keith - in all of his genius, went to the bus stop - twenty minutes earlier than usual. I called for him and he ignored me (seriously, he looked up and went back to playing like three times), so I had to walk down there in my pajamas and tell him to get his butt home and inside. We had a talk about leaving the front door open and leaving the house without telling me - and oh, by the way, "You don't have school today!!" I wanted him in his gear so he could take the trash down. Ugh.

Avalyn woke up for the day at 8:28am - I do remember the exact time because I really wanted to go back to sleep. I called the doctor right away and got an appointment that day. Unfortunately, the appointment was disappointing. The physicians assistant that saw Avalyn was less than helpful. He was very brief and said she had a very minor ear infection (it was only slightly red, I guess), and when I asked him about the vomiting (and diarrhea that morning) he sort of glanced over it and said it was probably a bug and sent us on our way.

Well, today I brought Avalyn in again because she was still vomiting and the diarrhea had gotten worse. Turns out she had a bad reaction to the antibiotic that was prescribed (not the PA-C's fault) so she's on something new. No more GI problems so far (28 hours and going strong!), and her ear infection spread to her other ear to. I'm dosing her with ibuprofen or acetomenophin (per doctors orders) every four hours for the teeth and ear pain and she seems to be doing better. I hope the next post I write is about Avalyn being 100% better and that we both got a full twelve hours of sleep. Well... a girl can dream!

My little sicky... she still smiles for snow. :)

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