Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eva's Birthday Party

Saturday we had plans to go grocery shopping, but on our way we stopped by BK so Keith could see his friends (our neighbors from the old house) Lacie and Eva. He was shy at first (Lacie seemed to be, too), but he seemed to warm up later on. Hopefully we will be able to see them again soon. Those girls are such great kids, and I really miss having awesome neighbors like Nick and Liz.

This was also Avalyn's first time in a play place. We aren't frequent visitors to BK.

She was ready to go! And Keith was right behind her keeping a close eye on her.

My child the ham.

Avalyn got up to the second level and kept yelling, "tall!"

Eva was waiting for Keith and Avalyn to come down the slide.

Avalyn was not a fan, and this kid usually loves slides!

That's okay, it was just time for some chicken. Oh, and ketchup of course... she is her daddy's daughter.

Watching the big kids (with an entire chicken nugget stuffed in her mouth).

Hamming it up again.

These bubbles smelled so gross.

The birthday girl!

Anyone else have a birthday party they went to this weekend?

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