Friday, January 27, 2012


Woot! My car is finally fixed!

After a week of having a beautiful new fixture in the house...
Did you see it through the after dinner mess? Here's a close up, just in case you missed it.
 Yep, that was a muffler... a muffler that's now on my car. This means I don't have to yell to talk to my husband (while he's two feet away) in the car. Life is good! It's also good that he used to be a mechanic. Do you know how much it costs at the dealership to replace a muffler on an Impala? $1300! Yikes! At the local muffler shop it was quoted at $207. That's better. AutoZone and Advanced Auto sold the muffler alone for $103. Oooh, getting warmer! won the race though. Coming in at $67 and free shipping. Yes, please!

So while my free labor worked away in the garage at 9:30 pm, I gave Keith my camera to play with. Yes, my good camera. What was I thinking? Next time I'll give him the point and shoot - that's probably a little more nine year old friendly. He did a good job for his first time, though!

Here's a picture of Avalyn's farmyard that Grandma and Grandpa got her for Christmas. Apparently the animals can climb a latter!

Here's where autofocus fails Keith... but reminds me that I need to vacuum the sides of my furniture. Darn cats. I hate pet hair.

Here's one of Waffles (I took it since he was too fast for Keith).
Here's a picture of Avalyn Keith took. Not too shabby, huh? I cropped it because she unzipped her shirt and we don't need her flashing the world. ;)
That was my night! Anyone else have a handy hubby? I'm pretty thankful for mine. He's my favorite DIYer!

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