Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Weekend in Dallas(ish)

So, this weekend Matty and I went to Dallas (sort of) for a wedding. A fairy tale wedding no less! Allee + Carl = <3

I have never been to Texas in my life, so how did I meet Allee? of course! I mastered this story over the weekend, in brief of course... I wrote a Harry Potter fanfiction about Ron and Hermione (the other power couple of the world) and Allee reviewed it. We somehow ended up talking (and freaking out both sets of parents - online creepers and such) and became friends who talked almost every day. I believe she reviewed in early 2002 and we started really talking in late 2002. How amazing is that? Anyway, Allee introduced me to Carl a while later. He seemed super great, and at some point when he and I were chatting he mentioned asking Allee out and of course I was all "squee! omg! yesyesyes! Do it!" Pretty sure he had already decided to do it, but guys always need that affirmation from the girl's friends.

Now, here it is, ten years later and I'm at her wedding! Ah, so cool! Words can't describe how beautiful and moving the whole day was. You can tell that they really love each other. So, since words are useless, I'll share pictures!

Our rental car. A Chevy Aveo. Not a fan. I mean, it was a nice little car, but after driving my Impala for the last six months I'm totally spoiled!

Our view from the hotel room.

Matty and I ready to go to a wedding! So excited!

 The church where the wedding was held!

How pretty is this?

About to head out to the reception!

The place settings at the reception!

One of the centerpieces!

The reception hall. I die.

Masquerade theme anyone?

The guestbook! The peacock feathers are pens!

Place cards!

I'm 27, the table number is 27. Good call Allee.

Mmm.. Cake!


Another cake. Yes, they like D&D.

My mask - no I didn't make it. It was one of the many Allee and her bridesmaids created.

The first dance! Aw!

Laughing during a toast.

Can you tell that they like each other a little bit?

How beautiful was Allee in her dress? So jealous (in a good way)!


Even the back of her mask and dress are beautiful.

The flower girls she had shipped from Japan. ^_~ Only joking, sort of... They were her students when she taught in Japan, they (and their family of course) came to celebrate with her. How sweet is that?

Love them! At the end of the night, they still look good!

Bubbles everywhere!

A few pictures from the photobooth! Matt and I are silly.

I love me my Matty.

I should note: Allee came up for Matt and my wedding in '08. So, this was our second time meeting in real life. It was the first time I met Carl, though. How fun was that? I was like, "Carl, it's nice to finally meet you!" and he was like, "Um yeah..." I said, "I'm Lenny!" Carl's reaction: "Oh my gosh! Lenny! Hi!" And I got a hug, and holy cow is Carl a tall one! What a fun way to greet him for the first time! lol!

Here are some photo's from the first time Allee and I met!

This was after the brunch at my parent's house. If I had a brain in my head I would have gotten one of us this time around. Ah, well. Next time!

Oh, and how funny is this picture Allee took of Matt and I at our wedding?

Onward to more photos! (Edited 1/20 to add pictures of the airport - I'm awesome like that)

This was our plane when we left Grand Rapids!

A view from the plane!

This is the souvenir we got for Avalyn at DFW.

And the one for Keith. We just had to! Nothing ever has his name!

Our plane home!

Yey home!

 St. Louis from the plane. We also saw Chicago (it was so cool to see it all lit up at night, and we could see the skyline, too, even in the dark!), but Matt had the window seat and wouldn't take the picture. Getting him to take this one was like pulling teeth!

That's all from me for now! How was your weekend?

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