Sunday, January 29, 2012

Avalyn's Room Change Up

With a new brother on the way Avalyn's room needs a bit-o-rearranging!

Remember the before?

Now the in progress:

No, I didn't change the color of the room... the snow outside just gives a weird blue cast to everything. And yes, there is a drawer missing from the dresser. It was in my bedroom and Matt was napping so I couldn't get it when I took the picture.

Avalyn's side of the room is still very much a girl's area, but Grasshopper's area needs some work! I saw this nursery on Google and it got my creative juices flowing. How cute is this room? I really like the shelf and frames above the crib. Maybe I can find some fabric that is similar to Avalyn's curtains and make something more boyish out of them for the small window in the room. Hmm...

From there I went to to put some ideas on the table. I'm thinking about making a blue and brown blanket from fabric I saw at Joann's, buying an orange rug to cover the pink, moving my table lamp from the living room upstairs and putting a new shade on it, and buying a shelf and letters and farm stickers from Michael's to finish everything off (I found the adorable name on a picket fence here). I couldn't get the rug in the picture, but this will give you an idea of what I'm thinking.

What do you think? I think something's missing. I'm sticking with the farm theme. It looked so nice in Avalyn's nursery and it's so gender neutral! What kid doesn't like farm animals? Crazy kids, that's who! Have a great day everyone!

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