Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Name Game!

The cat is out of the bag. We made it Facebook official (that's the real deal, right?) on Thursday night.

Now it's time to name the grasshopper! That's the hard part. Matt is totally not into naming babies. Avalyn was a fluke. I saw the name Ava in the baby book and added the lyn from my name, voila! Girls name. Matt loved it, too. Easy peasy.

For some reason boy's names are not my dear hubby's strong suit. Every name has some bad memory associated with it. "That guy was a jerk in school," or, "That sounds like a girl's name," or, "Do you hate our child?" Yeah, he's super fun to play the name game with.

Nicolas - This was my great grandfather's name (spelled Nicholas). I would have been named Nicholas if I was born a boy. But I wasn't. Instead I got Nicole in my name. Neat. I like the name and I like that I can call him Nic because his initials would be NIC, how cool is that? Keith is named for Matt. If Matt would have been born on any day but Sunday he would have bee Keith Everett... well he showed up on Sunday and Matt's grandma said he needed a Biblical name, hence the Matthew Everett. So, I also like Nicolas because both our boys would be named for us in a way.

William - This was my late Grandpa. He died when he and my grandma were babysitting my brother and I when I was eight years old. Scary stuff. He was a great man, a war hero, and a fun grandpa. I wish I could have gotten to know him better. Anyway, I like the name because it has a meaning to me. I also like the nicknames Will and Liam. Matt doesn't like it though because Keith's stepfather's name is William, which I understand. 

Parker - I have loved this name since I was sixteen. I have always said that my son would be named Parker. Then I met Matt, who told me it's a girls name... but he knew a girl named Parker who was not so nice. Bye, bye, Parker... I loved you.

Stefano - This was Matt's suggestion. I'm not thrilled with it. He likes Italian names because of his ancestry, but this one sees a bit out there to me. Not to mention I have an Uncle Steve, a cousin Stevie, and Keith's Godfather's name is Stephan. There's a lot of that name in our little world... not to mention his initials would be  SIC. Yeah. Kids get teased enough, let's not make it easy.

Jeffrey - Another one of Matt's suggestions. Not bad, not bad... but I just can't see a little tiny baby with such a big person name. Totally my issue, maybe it will grow on me. Doubt it though. My baby boy doesn't feel like a Jeff. Jeffy maybe? Hmm.

Roger - This is Matt's late Grandfather's name. It's a very important name it him, just like William is to me. However, Roger doesn't work for me. Sorry, Matty!

Mason - I suggested this one. Matt is a mason, so I thought maybe he would like it. I was wrong. Next!

Cameron - "When Cameron was in Egypts land... let my Cameron goooo!" Right? Right? Ferris Bueller anyone? No. Okay... well I like it.

Aiden - I like this name, but I also know it's really popular right now. Do I want my son to be Aiden C? Probably not. It is a nice name, though.

Ira - This is my dad's middle name. Keith has his grandpa's middle name, so little Grasshopper can have my dad's middle name. It means cautious. My dad is, maybe this little guy will be, too. Avalyn's a daredevil so having a kid who isn't might not be so bad!

I think Matt might be on board with Nicolas (because I used the Italian spelling), which would be wonderful. I would like to have a name picked and Grasshopper here feels like a Nicolas. Nicolas Ira, it has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Did anyone else struggle with names? Just us? Gosh, I hope not!

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