Monday, January 2, 2012

Blizzard of 2012!

So we had a Blizzard warning on Saturday night for Sunday and Monday. Yes, we had high winds, and yes, we had snow. All together we got about 8 inches of snow here... to me that isn't much. I remember a couple years ago we got 24 inches in 24 hours. That was a blizzard. This was just a winter storm. But I'm no meteorologist!

Here are some pictures of our snow:

Penny called me a couple hours ago to let me know she made it home safely. Apparently the roads are much worse than what my pictures show. Glad she made it without incident!

EDIT 1/6/2012
I found pictures of the blizzard in 2008. That really was something!! Excuse the crummy photos I had no idea how to use a camera, apparently.

My Jeep Cherokee - this snow accumulated in about five hours (if I'm remembering correctly).

Matt's Dodge Ram 2500. Big, big truck! Lots of snow.

Our front porch, we were totally snowed in. Matt had to take the screen out of one of the windows and climb out to dig us out. No, I did not go to work that day.

Our neighbor John plowed us out. Great guy! Yes, the mounds of snow are taller than his truck.

Matt and John (and Keith) had so much fun on the snowmobiles with this stuff. Keith liked to sled down it and make forts. It truly was a northern Michigan winter!

Matt started shoveling around the Jeep when I reminded him that all of the snow I would brush off in the morning would make his work wasted effort. At least he tried.

This was when we rented a house in Harrietta (aka the middle of nowhere). We had to get the driveway plowed two more times in the next three days. Ew! We had a very big driveway so shoveling was out of the question. I do miss the 10 acres for Matt to play in though. Yes, I meant Matt, not Keith. Though, I do not miss the remote location at all!

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